Application Development
Your business is unique, get solutions custom tailored to fit your business processes

Application Development

Fitting your business processes into an off-the-shelf software package isn't always easy - or practical. Often, it is your unique business processes that provide you a competitive advantage. Why lose those advantages just to fit into the same box as all your competitors? Fully integrated solutions tailored to your business processes enable you to be more profitable and grow faster - without the struggles of changing the fundamental way you do business.

Integration and Consulting

Many organizations are faced with the challenge of what to do with older systems that don't seem to have the ability to talk to your other systems. CCS and its team of integration experts can show you how your disparate IT assets can be integrated seamlessly into one comprehensive solution.

System Migration

Missed a few version upgrades - or the last technology wave - and now your critical system assets have you stranded on an island? CCS can help. CCS provides expertise in upgrading lecay applications and databases to the current versions, including hardware and infrastructure upgrades. CCS also brings extensive experience in converting and transferring data between legacy databases and a wide variety of standard (SQL, Oracle, DB2) database technologies as well as many other non-standard and proprietary databases. Utilizing a variety of formats and techniques (HL7, XML, Flat Files, Application Spoofing), CCS has the tools and skills required to convert and transfer data between databases and interfaces. Turnkey migration from legacy to current - getting off the island has never been so easy.

Web Integration

Facing a crossroads? Your legacy text-based system has served you well for many years. But with each passing day, more and more of your stakeholders need internet access to information and services. Serving those needs appears to involve an expensive system replacement to a more modern system architecture - or maybe not. One of the most cost effective ways to leverage your investment in a legacy system is to migrate the interface portion to a GUI- or Web-based technology while retaining the rich features and roots of the back-end. CCS can web-enable your legacy database environment using modern technologies like .NET and Java, to provide your customers with internet access to the information and services they need. These interactive database applications empower your customers with real-time information - at a fraction of the cost of system replacement.