Healthcare - Providers


You have to do more with less. That means increasing efficiency through knowledge and experience. And that’s what CCS brings. CCS fits seamlessly with your internal staff to help you achieve your most challenging goals, across the spectrum of projects:

  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Operational Information Systems
  • Facilities Management / Customer Service Systems
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
  • RFID and Mobile Application Solutions
  • Conversion, Migration and Integration
  • RHIO's

Physician Practices

Increasingly, the administrative demands for practices loom larger than the core business of helping patients. And if you aren’t careful, the technology that promises to decrease those burdens can actually create more headaches – security, accessibility, connectivity, compatibility…

CCS makes house calls. We’re IT and workflow specialists that can diagnose, recommend and treat the source of the problem – not just the symptoms:

  • Hardware, networking and security;
  • Patient information systems and databases;
  • Payor network connectivity, EDI and HIPAA-compliant electronic information exchange;
  • Imaging and electronic content management;
  • Mobile software applications.

Whether you need assistance at the start of the project – scoping, interviewing, selecting; in the middle of the project – implementation, testing and training; or after the project – with customizing, maintaining or updating; CCS brings a wealth of experience in healthcare IT projects at all levels. And in the IT world of religious-like technology fanatics, CCS stands as an independent, with objective solutions formed only by real-world, hands-on experience. Let’s talk about your most challenging objectives.