Associations and Non-Profits

The internet permanently changed the way you communicate with constituents. Fundraising, events, commerce, fulfillment, and other membership services become as accessible to the member in Athens, Greece as they are for the member in Athens, Georgia.

But what if your legacy system is making that evolution difficult? You’ve spent years customizing a system to your unique business processes. Common-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) packages, while delivering web capabilities, require either an intensive (and expensive) re-write of those processes; or, even more painful, a complete overhaul of your operational model in order to fit inside their pre-configured box.

(Worst of all, the more functions you elect to implement, the greater the risk of project failure. ERP implementations, when fit for an entire organization, become a 50/50 proposition at best. Try a quick Google search for the gory details – it’s why "CIO" was dubbed shorthand for "Career Is Over".)

There’s a third alternative. CCS can web-enable your legacy system at a fraction of the cost. You maintain business and operational processes – no gut-wrenching upheaval to the organization. You implement the web-based functionality needed to strengthen the organization. And, it’s integrated to your legacy system – real-time results, no duplication or bulky synchronization.

Let’s talk about how this could work for your organization.