SIMPAL Pension administration
Traditional Pension, 401(k), Annuity and more.

Benefit Accrual

Pension summaries, on-demand statements, forecasts, estimates – it’s all made easy with the click of a button.
Benefit Accrual
Pension Forecast

Set a retirement date, or pick a retirement age – and walk your future retiree through the rest of the forecast, simply, and with confidence
Pension Forecast
Retirement Award

Award functionality clearly and efficiently presents all of the critical pension award information you need, right at your fingertips
Retirement Award

SIMPAL web administration is a secure, web-based plan administration system that delivers integrated functionality for diverse benefit offerings:

  • Contributions
  • Accounting
  • Premium Billing
  • Eligibility
  • DB and DC Pension
  • COBRA administration
  • Life/Disability
  • And other fringe benefit plans

SIMPAL employs the latest technology in a browser-based format to deliver several benefits:

Easy to Use

Everything runs in a web browser. If you can use a mouse, you can use the system

Microsoft Integration

Built using Microsoft technologies, the system provides seamless integration with Windows, Excel and Word. Exporting data to Excel is as easy as point-and-click.


SIMPAL is easy to afford, in both up-front and on-going costs

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